About me

You may wonder; who is 'Red Needle'?

'Red Needle's name is Astrid. I'm from Norway. I'm residing in the tropical island Mauritius, situated East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. I settled here in 2003, and have never looked back.  

If you have visited my blog - Grandma's Red Needle - I bet you believe I'm a grandma... And if you have visited my other blog - The Love of Photos - you may believe I'm a photographer...  Wrong! Neither am I a grandma - even if I could have been old enough for that title - nor am I a professional photographer. 

The blog title - Grandma's Red Needle and the blog shop Red Needle's Quilts'n Craft are named after a saying from my maternal grandpa 'Bæssa'. When my mom had some spare time from farming, I always remember her working on 'something'... It could be knitting, hardanger, counted cross-stitching, needlepoint, dressmaking etc, but her favorite pastime was cross-stitching and hardanger. During my first school years, the economy on the little farm, was a bit tight, so my mother used to sew clothes like lovely dresses, shirts etc to me.

As a little girl, I had dolls. My mom used to sew lovely clothes for my dolls too, and she knitted clothes for us all - dolls included - for the cold winters. When mom thought I was old enough to learn, she taught me the crafts she already new. I don't know how many different dresses etc I made for my Barbie's! I had tons with clothes for my Barbie's. I don't know why, but my poor beloved teddybear 'Bamse' never got any clothes made! Poor 'Bamse' - he's still with me - still without clothes. 'Bæssa' (grandpa), used to tease my mom when she was sewing. He used to tell her; 'you are sewing so fast that the needle gets red (hot)!'. By that he meant the friction of the needle would make it red, heated up - hence the name of my blogs.  

After junior high school I did one year at technical college; dressmaking. It was this year too, I bought my very first sewing machine. It was a Husqvarna - and it was orange!!! I used it a lot, but sadly it died after being in business for approx 30 years - the engine burnt. Since that time there has been a couple of other sewing machines, until I bought dear 'Nina' - Bernina 440 QE - a couple of years back. The more I sew, the more I love it.

Through the years I've done a lot of knitting, using wool and cotton for making sweaters, tops, socks, mittens, scarves, shawls, woollen hats etc. Needlepoint was a favorite pastime one time, as well as Hardanger, stitcheries and counted cross-stitching.  I used to sew my own clothes too, but that happens very rare these days. Nowadays it happens I do cross-stitching, Hardanger, a little bit crocheting and knitting, and my big passion is...

...Quilting! I intended to start quilting when I lived in Norway, but never got around doing it, or didn't have time. I bought books about quilting, some fabrics, cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler... An ex-colleague got into sewing and quilting, and I really loved what she made. It was after I settled here I finally got around quilting. My very first projects were simple strips sewn together, without using any batting - just the quilt top and backing. That was in 2005/2006... Since then I have made mostly quilts for beds, tablecloths and runners,  place mats, wall quilts, baby/toddler quilts, tote bags etc.

When I'm not quilting, I love to cook and bake (can't resist anything chocolate!), garden, photography, read, hike the island, write letters (yes, I'm into 'oldfashioned' pen palling), love our animals; one cat and two dogs, and lots more....


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